Spare parts and accessoires

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiry regarding parts for your scooter, wheelchair or other rehabilitation equipment.

Our website has a wide range of mobility spare parts.


We offer a wide range of mobility and rehabilitation spare parts of over 2000 components. Our main product sectors include: Batteries, Tyres, Accessories, Adjustment, Special parts and Promotional products.


Our battery range consists of: packs, testers, indicators, chargers, accessories and converters.


We deliver all kinds of tyres and accessories: outer tyres, inner tyres, massive tyres and spoke protectors. We carry a full and complete stock of the most popular brands: Sterling, Pride, Bec, Booster and others.


We have a wide range of accessories for the mobility products: besides the range of INOVA products we offer the following product items windscreens, walking stick holders, mirrors and basket holders.


The foot gas pedal is a Company owned product designed and developed from Warmex, made in The Netherlands. Our other adaptation products are: emergency stop, foot levelers, counters, nurse-emergency call systems, fixations Velcro systems and loading systems.


We stock a wide range of lights, fuses, joysticks, switches, connectors, cables, housing, synthetic parts, engines, bearings and carbon brushes.

Other parts

A full range of Bicycle parts with brands such as Penny & Giles. Complete range of measuring tools as well as programming custom made tools and other component parts.