People, the Environment and Quality


At Warmex our investment in our employees is the key to our success. We want our employees to feel proud when working for Warmex, feeling responsible for the results and contributing to the growth and evolution of the Company. Our staff is proud of their work and products they manufacture, which generates a positive feeling whilst working in our great working environment. Warmex offers internship for students and is registered at a recognized training company to offer students a valuable insight into our business process.


Warmex has an ‘active’ Environment Policy and is aware of the need to take care of the environment. We have our own logistic car park. Our fleets of vehicles are on the road on a daily basis, this has an effect on the environment. Warmex is working to limit this impact every day ensuring our cars run on the Euro 5 or 6 Emission Standard.
We also devote a great deal of attention to the separation of waste and the recycling / reuse of parts and packaging.
Warmex is completely self-sufficient in solar energy. Our Company roof is almost completely covered with solar panels. Day to day business power supply is fully 'Green'.


Quality is our number one priority; this is reflected on our products, staff and the service levels we strive to attain. For years we have been supplying products and making adjustments where we can be very proud of the quality. Since January 2018, Warmex secured this in a certified management system according to ISO 9001.


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