When you place an order to Warmex the following shipping methods are available for you:   

1.  delivery by PostNL;
2. delivery by own service Warmex (only in the Netherlands);
3. pick up at Warmex location.

Shipping item NL

If the order is placed before 15:00 pm. and in stock, the products will be shipped same day.
If the item is not in stock the delivery will be within 4-7 business days.
We will communicate any delays if there is a longer delivery time.

PostNL delivers Monday to Saturday.

Shipping cost up to 10kg: €7.08 to the Netherlands.
Shipping cost up to 10kg: €13.00 to Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Austria and Sweden.
Shipping cost up to 10kg: €18.50 to Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switserland, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Croatia, Norway and Serbia.

Is your package more than 10 kilos? Or do you want to send your package to another country? Please contact us for the details.
Warmex have the rights to make deliveries through its own service at its own discretion.

Delivery via the own transport service is free of charge. If you have prepaid, shipping will be credited to you.


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