S-Drive (16)

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The S-Drive mobility scooter controller is currently the most common motor controller. Its versatile properties make it an excellent basis for various mobility applications.

The connections are universal across the entire series (excluding 200A motor/battery). So it is easy to upgrade to a different output version.

The series consists of 6 different power ratings, namely: 45A, 70A, 90A, 120A, 140A and 200A. Almost all scooters, from small to large, can be equipped with these.

The S-Drive is equipped with extensive diagnostic options, alarms, signaling and supports the connection of a brake light.

  1. Controller P&G S-Drive 120A
    Controller P&G S-Drive 120A R055.392
    PG Drives Technology D51445 S120
    low stock
  2. Controller P&G S-Drive 45A
    Controller P&G S-Drive 45A R055.389
    PG Drives Technology D51270
    In stock
  3. Controller P&G S-Drive 90A
    Controller P&G S-Drive 90A R055.391
    PG Drives Technology D51115 S90
    Medium stock
  4. Motorcontroller P&G S-Drive 140A
    Motorcontroller P&G S-Drive 140A R055.393
    PG Drives Technology D51446 140a
    Medium stock
  5. Controller P&G S-Drive 200A
    Controller P&G S-Drive 200A R055.395
    PG Drives Technology D51448
    In stock
  6. Batteryconnector for S-Drive
    Batteryconnector for S-Drive C054.614
    PG Drives Technology D51070
    In stock
  7. Motorconnector for P&G S-Drive
    Motorconnector for P&G S-Drive C054.612
    PG Drives Technology D51059
    In stock
  8. Handheld Dealer programmer SP1a
    Handheld Dealer programmer SP1a X020.102
    PG Drives Technology D50040
    Out of stock
  9. P&G PC programmer pack scooter (Dealer A)
    P&G PC programmer pack scooter (Dealer A) X010.017
    PG Drives Technology D50426
    Out of stock
  10. P&G PC Programming cable for scooter
    P&G PC Programming cable for scooter K020.109

    PG Drives Technology SA78233

    In stock

S-Drive (16)

Set Descending Direction
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