About Us

What is our mission?

We want to keep people mobile and make tasks easier. We always focus on quality, offering reliable and expert service.

What is our vision?

We concentrate on the rehabilitation sector, specifically mobility. We function as an extension for workshops, designers, mechanics and consultants. We want to be able to deliver quickly and from stock, and when there’s a request, we work hard on finding solutions and spare parts for our customers.

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Our history

The former bulb shed at Herenweg 112 in Noordwijkerhout has been owned by the Warmerdam family for four generations. Built in 1911 by Dirk Warmerdam, it has seen both Dirk and his son Kees cultivating bulbs here.

The shed was leased to Petronics after Kees retired. They worked on a range of developments and production of electronics for the emerging electric wheelchairs. From the house next door Kees’ son Eric was able to experience the technology up close. It aroused his interest, and a vocational training programme followed. Petronics relocated to Lisse and Eric started his own business in the empty shed in 1980. Colleague Aad Salman became the first employee.

The collaboration between Eric and Aad was a success and the company developed steadily. Aad became co-owner of the company in 1988, right through until 2012. Initially the work mainly comprised repairs and adjustments for various dealerships in the Netherlands. But soon there were moves towards product development, and the role as a parts wholesaler grew.

Ultimately Warmerdam Revalidatie Service has become a real family firm. Eric’s sons Marc, Dennis and Jeffrey have all followed in their father’s footsteps. They became co-owners in 2012, holding various positions in the company. Jeffrey concentrates on the financial affairs and procurement. Dennis manages the mobility scooter workshop and the logistics. And the firm has been led by Marc since July 2015.

In 2017 we launched a new trademark to appeal to a wider international audience. To our international customers we are known, with the same quality and service, as Warmex.

WRS today

1.  In november 2020 we celebrated our 40th anniversary!
2. The team comprises about 20 staff in technical, logistics, commercial and administrative disciplines.
3. Between three and five of our commercial vehicles are on the road each day right across the Netherlands.
4. We supply a range in excess of 4.000 spare parts, with more than 2.500 of them in stock.

Our services

1.  Performing repairs and maintenance.
2. Wholesaler in replacement parts and accessories for appliances.
3. As intermediary and link between dealers and manufacturers/importers.
4. Conducting inspections and baseline measurement for appliances.
5. Performing customised work tailored to your wishes.
6. Developing new products and our involvement in your projects.

Why choose Warmerdam Revalidatie Service?

1.  We offer you quality thanks to more than 40 years of reliable and expert service.
2. We can assist you with your technical issues through our years of experience and knowledge.
3. We are your approachable source of information through our good support and close contact.
4. We believe implicitly in quality, and regularly consider just how we can improve further.
5. Your wishes and those of the end-users are paramount.

We are also:

1.  An accredited service point for Curtiss Wright Controls (Penny & Giles Drives).
2. An electrical work equipment inspector fulfilling NEN3140.
3. An inspector of patient lifts fulfilling NEN7506.
4. ISO9001 certified.
5. A recognised training company for SBB (the Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and Labour Market).
6. Affiliated with the Koninklijke MetaalUnie, the largest Dutch employers' organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises active in the metal industry.
7. Highly committed to society and the environment:
    a. we attach importance to optimising and making processes more sustainable, pursuing a CSR policy to this end;
    b. our entire energy requirements are met by photovoltaic panels;
    c. our delivery vehicles meet the latest emission standards and are replaced on average every three years; 
    d. we are committed to optimising processes continuously in terms of the environment, energy, waste and recycling;
    e. we follow the RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) for the manufacture of products.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to learn more?

Then please get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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