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PG Drives Technology is a major supplier of electrical systems for power chairs. The Penny & Giles products have been a well-known name in the world of mobility for many years and became part of Curtiss-Wright in 2012.


R-net is currently one of the most popular control systems for power wheelchairs. The products distinguish themselves because they are easy to set up and expand. You can already drive a wheelchair with 2 modules and expand this with up to 15 different modules to meet the most complex requirements and wishes.

  1. Dual port isolated USB Charger 3Amp
    Dual port isolated USB Charger 3Amp K042.959
    Dual port isolated USB Charger 3Amp
    low stock
  2. All-round joystick R-net.
    All-round joystick R-net. S012.452
    mo-Vis P002-75
    low stock
  3. All-round joystick R-net Light.
    All-round joystick R-net Light. S012.454
    mo-Vis P002-76
    low stock
  4. Joystick all-round Omni.
    Joystick all-round Omni. S012.451
    mo-Vis P002-71
    low stock
  5. Heavy Duty Joystick R-net.
    Heavy Duty Joystick R-net. S012.456
    mo-Vis P002-77
    Medium stock
  6. All-round joystick Omni Light.
    All-round joystick Omni Light. S012.453
    mo-Vis P002-72
    In stock
  7. Multi joystick R-net.
    Multi joystick R-net. S012.459
    mo-Vis P002-62
    Medium stock
  8. Heavy Duty Joystick Omni.
    Heavy Duty Joystick Omni. S012.455
    mo-Vis P002-73
    low stock
  9. mo-Vis P002-52
    mo-Vis P002-52 K042.953
    mo-Vis P002-52
    Medium stock
  10. Multi joystick Omni.
    Multi joystick Omni. S012.457
    mo-Vis P002-61
    low stock

R-net (13)

Set Descending Direction
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