At Warmex we understand that every person has individual needs.
In some cases, the Standard Control Unit is not sufficient.
Warmex has experience in implementing individual adjustments for individual needs.

Serial adjustments
WRS designs, implements and performs, modifications for a range of devices to increase features.
Product modification may consist of an adaption to a particular function or adjustments the manufacturer
cannot deliver or produce. 

New Product Development
Over the years, WRS has gained a great deal of experience in developing ideas into their product range.
This results in technical expertise, material knowledge and insight into different production techniques.
This has resulted in a series of company owned products. Below you will find some of our own p

Company owned products 

Foot Throttle 
Our foot throttle system is one of our Companies flagship products, which was developed in house.
Since the year 2000 this product has been very successful and therefore unchanged.
Nowadays most versions of the Foot throttle are plug & play, making it easy to integrate on the device by experienced engineers.

Wireless emergency stop system
This system is highly suitable for professionals involved in giving test drives and driving lessons.
The scooter can be stopped with one press on the emergency button.
This gives you the opportunity to intervene if necessary.

Curious about the other possibilities we can offer?

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