About us

Eric Warmerdam is the founder of Warmerdam Rehabilitation Services and started the company (WRS) in November 1980.
Eric used his experience gained through his career in the mobility industry.
In the beginning the focus was on repairs and modifications of electronics, later they delivered parts and accessories.
Through the years the range of services and products grew more and more and Warmerdam developed as a Wholesaler
driven by the passion to serve the customers in The Netherlands.

Year to date we are a leading player for mobility spare parts and representing all brands in The Netherlands,
with a team of 20 well trained and committed people.
Our mission is to provide the best service and use our knowledge and commitment to serve our customers 24/7.
Since July 2015 Marc Warmerdam, who is the son of Eric, is the COO of the Company.

Because of the knowledge we have built up in The Netherlands and the wide range of products we have in stock
we decided to expand into export market. We proudly introduce to you our International Platform -WARMEX - and
we are looking forward to contacting you to offer our services.

Our Services - Wholesaler, parts webshop - Repairs and maintenance
- Custom Made projects
- Develop new products: our commitment

Why choose Warmex?
We offer high quality service and products through our Companies experience and commitment and our well-trained
and knowledgeable employees. We can offer daily technical support.
We are in a continuous process of developing and training our people to provide a high level of service to our customers.
We can provide a personal solution tailored to meet individual client’s needs.

We are:
Official inspector for Electronic Work Equipment (NEN3140)
Certified learning company (SBB)
Associated with the “Koninklijke MetaalUnie”
We are a MVO – CSR driven company: Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company uses its own electricity using own solar panels
All our trucks and cars meet the latest Emission Standard and are replaced every 4 years.
We are committed to continuously optimizing processes relating to environment, energy, waste and recycling.

We follow the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) legislation with regard to the manufacture of products.